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Have you seen the epic scene from the movie Jerry McGuire that still has a lingering affect on women all around the world? The  film was about Jerry, sports agent who ventures on his own with only one client in tow. There’s this one scene in the film where Jerry tells Dorothy (his love interest) “You complete me.” If you saw this, tell me you didn’t have tears swelling in your eyes, cheering for them, while silently wishing that you’ll be able to say that or hear that from your love.

( Pausing for a swoon break)

Okay. I’m back.

But what about when you feel completely depleted after you leave a conversation from a client, friend, family member, or love where all you want to say is ” You deplete me.”

These are called energy sucking vampires. If allowed, they can wipe you out. Flat.

How does this happen and more importantly, how the hell do we stop it.

I’m not gonna lie, today I got sucked in by an energy vampire. Afterwards I was completely deplete. And I had to charge myself back up, just like I do when my phone has two percent left. Let’s just put it like this; after some woosa-ing and a little cussing (I was pissed at myself for letting it happen),  I felt whole again.

So what can we do about this? How can we honor ourselves, our energy, our completeness so we don’t engage with those who deplete us? And let’s say we can’t avoid it ( family, friends) then what?

I’ve got some ideas and hopefully these will help you too ( Woot Woot)

  • Own your energy – Yep. After I woosa’d I realized that the experience of feeling depleted was really on me. Because I got swept into the drama and engaged in it, I wore my own self out. Completely. Disconnect from the drama, stay detached, and  you’ll save yourself a whole lot of energy.


  • Get grounded – Before you know you’re about to engage with a known energy vampire, plan to spend a good 15 minutes prior to that doing some breathing exercises, visualize surrounding yourself with protective energy, and set an intention that you will own your energy.


  • Excuse Yourself – While it would be amazing to always prepare for energy sucking vampires, sometimes we run into them at events, parties or even at family gatherings. If you find yourself running into one, you’ll know it immediately. Or should I say you’ll “feel” it. Once you feel it coming on, excuse yourself. Tell them you need to go the bathroom, or pretend you got an urgent call. Get creative. What’s most important is that you excuse yourself to ground yourself before you reenter or never return ( I prefer the latter)


As much as we would love to have every conversation “complete us” like it did for Jerry and Dorothy in Jerry McGuire, that’s not always the reality.

But here’s a reality that is true; we can complete ourselves by owning our own energy, choosing to remain detached from the drama, and keeping ourselves grounded (present to our bodies, thought, and energy) so we are completely in tune to choices we make.

By doing this we are no longer giving energy vampires our power, energy, or the right to choose who completes who.

You complete you.

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