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The fear of rejection stops many entrepreneurs dead in their tracks and prevents them from moving themselves forward in their business. It stops many from engaging in powerful sales conversations, sharing their brilliant business with others, and often makes them second-guess their offerings to their prospective clients. What if you could begin to look at the word “no” differently? Would it change the way you show up in your business?

In my experience, I’ve heard NO more than I’ve heard YES. It started when I was a kid, and I bet it did for you too. Yet somehow it became personal when in most cases, it is NOT.

When it comes to sales conversations in your business you need to know this about the word “NO”

  • It is not rejection of YOU, its a clue for you to move into redirection – The prospect isn’t saying NO to you, they are saying no to your offer, at least for now until you can further identify what the real objection is and further more, if this is a condition you can’t resolve with your offer.


  • No, in sales really means – It’s ” ON” – Your job begins when you hear the no. The reality is, in sales, people have been conditioned to throw up “blocks” to see what you’re going to do about it. If you lay down and accept that word at face value, you are showing your prospects that you aren’t willing to stand up for what you have to offer. Why should they trust you with their needs?
  • No can also mean ‘not now’ – Again you have to be willing to ask more questions to identify what is really motivating that response from your prospect. Nevertheless, it says nothing about YOU at all.

The next time you hear the word “NO”, let go of your story that its about you. It isn’t. When you remove yourself from the equation now you can do the work that is required to understand what is really motivating the no from your prospect and see how you can in turn, motivate a powerful YES from them.

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XoXo~ AB