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The first time I heard this saying, ” The Fortune is in the Follow Up”, was after I threw a fit in my first real corporate sales job after a few sales calls I couldn’t close. I was 19 years old and like many at that age, I wanted everything NOW. My supervisor, still a mentor to me today, explained to me why follow ups were a key element to becoming a top sales person. I decided to listen….

Now many of you may be saying to yourself right now, ” But I’m an entrepreneur NOT a sales person! I hate sales!” Let have a quick shift moment: As long as you are in business, one of your positions, until you can hire a sales force, is going to be Sales. What my hope is, by working with each of you, is that your title will change to ‘ Sales Superstar’!

Here’s what my supervisor taught me, and I’ve put this into practice ever since and it has yielded me GREAT success even 23 years later ( yes I just dated myself); statistically it takes about five touches/contacts before a sale is made. And if I truly wanted to be #1 ( which I did so badly and achieved over 20 awards for the top 10% and 5 Circle of Excellence awards for the top 1% in the NATION out of over ten thousand of employees), I needed to learn the art of following up!

See, only 8% of  ‘sales’ superstars make up 80% of the sales. Fifty percent of you don’t follow up after the second attempt. Do you see where you are leaving money on the table?

What I’ve discovered in my experience of coaching hundreds of sales softies into sales superstars, is that there is resistance to the follow up. The resistance is rooted in the following:

  1. You’re afraid you’ll come off pushy
  2. You’re unsure of how to follow up and how often ( back to #1)
  3. You may lack the confidence in your follow up strategy or messaging

In this week’s video I’m going to introduce two BIGGIES for you:

  1. A new twist on the follow up – Oh Yeah ( dance dance dance)
  2. Some mental shifts you can make NOW to move you into the Follow Up


I’m giving you free access into the first follow up sequence ( which I will be charging for soon) for FREE to get your Follow Up sales party started!

What do you think about the “Twist” to the follow up? Let me know below!


XoXo~ AB