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Are you ready to SPRING FORWARD into more sales? You may have lost an hour with the daylight savings change, but you have the opportunity always to GAIN a new client, your dream client! For some, the idea of selling is like volunteering to swim in shark infested waters. Who would volunteer for that experience, right?

Not me! And certainly not you.

However, it is time to get real, my lovies. Selling is simply sharing your offer with a powerful call to action. It just ends with an “ask”. And the ask is, will you commit to working with me. Period.

When put that way, does it still feel like swimming with sharks or like something you already want to do or are doing?

If you’re in business, you don’t have a choice. And you should WANT to serve and find your dream clients who are willing to commit to remedying their problems or desires based on what you offer.

There are three areas you need to tap into in order to spring forward and make more sales!

  1. Mindset
  2. Skillset
  3. Willset ( new word – wohwoo)

The reality is, without these, your back in fear swimming or shall I say, trying to survive from the sharks. Your business will suffer. Your dream clients won’t have the opportunity to experience you and quite frankly, you’ll always wonder what your business could have been if you would have been willing to put yourself out there fully.

Everything ultimately lies in your mindset.

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We’ve entered the first day of my #DoItScared 7 Day Free Challenge: Start Selling, Get Paid (you can still get in)  and that is the FIRST thing we’re working on, mindset and confidence. Because after all; your work, your clients, and your business is dependent on you showing up fully, sharing your gifts, and letting your brilliant light shine!

Show up below and let me know, what do you believe is one key that would unlock the door to your sales success?

Cheers to unlocking the door!

XoXo~ AB