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What does this picture have to do with multiplying your riches? Can you guess? Did you guess we are rich in friendship, money, smiles, love and joy? All of these sentiments are correct, however, there is something else we share in common that makes us rich.

Let me clarify while financial abundance is a result, it is not the route to multiplying your riches. The route is simple, yet so many entrepreneurs refuse to do this: Invest In Yourself. Period.

Multiplying your riches is about increasing your knowledge, wisdom, compassion, and tenacity. These are the richest of riches and creates an abundant life, mindset, and bank account.

What this picture showcases is four entrepreneurs who have continually invested in themselves to acquire more knowledge, wisdom, compassion, and tenacity; riches.

This weekend, I invested in myself to attend Kimra Luna’s launch party for her signature program Be True Brand You, which teaches online entrepreneurs how to brand themselves, captivate their audience and make money doing it. I also was a graduate of this said program, another investment in myself. BOOM!

Now this isn’t going to be a post with a plea to spend more money, but it is going to be a plea for you to invest in yourself so you can multiply your riches by acquiring knowledge, wisdom, compassion, and tenacity. And let me tell you lovies, true investments initially make you feel uncomfortable as shit. But guess what, that’s why its called an investment.. It requires you to give something by adding some skin in the game in order to reap the rewards!

Each one of us in this picture have done just that to launch ourselves into our business and continue to do so as part of our ongoing investment in multiplying our riches.

Proof from left to right:

Aandra – I invested thousands of dollars when I launched my business to ensure I had the right tools to serve my clients and further my education. Last year, I invested $2000 in Kimra’s program and not only did I multiply financially but I was able to create powerful connections, friendships, new clients, and biz besties as a result of saying YES to me.

Kimra, you can read more about her story and program on her site but in short, this mama created a program, launched it will pregnant with her third son and generated hundreds of thousands, tipping a million on this launch alone! Talk about investing in herself right?

Zach – Owner of, also invested in himself and has now gone to launch a course that has garnered him well over $100K in less than a year.

Tepsi – CopyBOSS extraordinaire, at also invested in herself and was able to not only hit six figures but was able to leave her corporate gig, move into full-time entrepreneurship, and retire her husband as well.

Here’s the point peeps: Each of us were willing to INVEST IN OURSELVES to multiply our riches!

The question is: What have you been doing to multiply your riches?

One of the most perplexing conundrums for entrepreneurs is their struggle to makes sales and grow their business. Yet when asked how much they’ve invested in books, podcasts, trainings, course, or events I get the answer of “not alot-a”..Well no DUH.. And you wonder why no one will invest in you when you won’t invest in yourself?

#BIZBOMB: [Tweet “You cannot ask of another that of which you won’t do for yourself #investinYOU”]

I wish for all of you all the riches in the world. The riches that lead you to an abundant life and business. There’s only one route to take; Invest In Yourself!

Post below your plan to invest in yourself. What are you willing to do for you?