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Are your activities in alignment with your aspirations for your life and business? Are you feeling like you’re being dragged down by some of the yeses you’ve said when you know deep down you should be saying no?

Here’s what I know, sometimes the things we say yes to are legitimately in alignment with our desires at the time. However with time, our desires can begin to shift and the time we’ve committed to relationships, projects, partnerships, and processes may begin to threaten our ability to move our own dreams forward.

So how do you know what needs to go? I’ve outlined a kick-ass ( if I do say so myself) exercise along with this musical snack that will take you through the process of remembering, realizing, redefining and releasing so you can end the days of being dragged through the process of letting go.

Oh and if you’re worried that I’m going to suggest you burn bridges through these exercises, don’t stress. I’m not.

However, without a doubt I believe that any relationship that is toxic and threatening your souls knowing of your magnificence, I say BURN BABY!

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Over to you. Comment below.

What do you need to let go that may be the very reason your dreams are collecting dust on the shelf?

XoXo~ AB