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As a Biz B.A.B.E… you’re a Bold, Ambitious, Beautiful, Entrepreneur! You choose to SOAR in your life & Business. You know your power comes from being both confident, and vulnerable, and you know there’s nothing more attractive than a babe (yup, men can be babes too)! You’re ready to:

  • ooze confidence,
  • have clarity in your direction,
  • be vulnerable, and
  • roll up your sleeves up to do the HEART work (not HARD work).

As Biz B.A.B.E.s we’re a band of like-minded souls who wanna be in a position where we’re physically, emotionally, and spiritually walking our authentic, purposeful, passionate, and profitable entrepreneurial paths alongside other B.A.B.E.s.


It takes guts to step up and own your power as a B.A.B.E. When you claim this position and truly become a B.A.B.E you might feel an array of emotions… It can feel scary in one moment and frickin’ exhilarating in the next. It’s all about being vulnerable, honest, brave, and courageous enough to dive into your dreams. It’ll be a whole lot easier to make FREEDOM YOUR REALITY if you surround yourself with a bunch of B.A.B.E.s who are invested in your success and willing to hold space for you!


For some people starting a business and working from home can feel really lonely. That’s why you need B.A.B.E.s in your corner! Our Biz B.A.B.E.s community is a home-base where you can share your ideas, partner up, and get tons of support! You’ll be alongside your people, entrepreneurs who are going through the same things! Your B.A.B.E.s are waiting for you to lean in and share inspiration. In return we’ll give you biz strategies, constructive feedback, marketing tips, and creative techniques.

The Biz B.A.B.E.s community is a private, closed, invite-only space where you can be truly vulnerable! It’s a judgement-free zone so you can feel free to share your highs and lows with the ambitious intention of moving from STUCK to START.

Even if you don’t feel like a full boss biz B.A.B.E. yet, this is where you can begin! We’ll motivate you to focus on where you want to be, not where you are right now… Before long you won’t believe the transformation you’ve made from being the one who’s feeling stuck to one who’s kicking booty, feel sexy, beaming with confidence, and standing tall as a Biz B.A.B.E. who owns her life & her business “Like a boss!”


~ We’ll interact with one another (a lot) – We all hate those groups where people post and then there’s no interaction – BLAH and B-O-R-I-N-G!  This is not a one person group, this is a family of Biz B.A.B.E.s who want to support, share, inspire, give feedback, and celebrate your decision to step up and step into your aspirations of creating your own brand of freedom! So let’s do this together!


~ This group is 100% spam-free! We’ll have a designated promo day #TellItTuesday where you can share your business offerings, products, services, and programs – woohoo!

~ Every Monday is #MoneyMonday where we shout out and claim our income producing activities for the day. This is an intentional activity that is all about you saying YES to manifesting more in your life & biz!

~ You’ll get exclusive access to webinars created just for you! I want to help you, support you, and show you how to grow your business. The webinar topics are based on what you need. And the best part? They’re 100% FREE! You’ll get to tap into my years of experience as a 6-figure business owner, and I also bring in guests so you are always getting TONS of support on this journey.

~ Every day you’re going to get the best Biz B.A.B.E lovin’  to give you real-time attention to get you that extra boost and push through the next level.

Ready to push yourself and your biz B.A.B.E. besties further than you’ve ever been before?

Check out the outline we use in our community:

DAILY THEMES: This is an interactive community where we like it hot! So for your pleasure, we change it up every day!

Mondays: #MoneyMondayShare your income producing activities today that will support you in manifesting MORE in your business today!

Tuesday: #TellItTuesday ~ Tuesday is Promo day! Come in and share your website, webinars, opt-ins, products, services, courses, etc. Sharing is caring, it’s downright selfish to hold back your goodies!

Wednesday#WednesdayWisdom ~ On Wednesday we’ll ask you to share any Pearls of Wisdom that inspire you on your biz journey. You know, the little tips and tricks you’ve picked up along the way. Or, the lessons you’ve learned in the days, months, or weeks you’ve been on this journey!

Thursday#ThirstyThursday ~ Thursdays are your chance to tell us what you need MORE of so we can support you with feedback, ideas, and suggestions. I’ll also create bonus materials like webinars or worksheets to help you move forward. I’ve created lots of partnerships and friendships with other successful business owners so I’ll invite guests experts to give us different perspectives and lots of ideas to move us forward.

Friday#FeedbackFriday – Fridays are my favorite! You’ll get specific real-time feedback on what you’re working on from the community and me! (We don’t do spam, this is an opportunity to get constructive feedback and ideas for your branding, direction, pricing, products and more!) Use our special hashtags: #feedbackfriday or #AskAandra so I’ll be sure to answer all your questions every Friday!

Saturday#ShineOnSaturday – We want you to share your Shine! Show/tell us what you’re most proud of this week! Share your accomplishments so we can support you and congratulate your achievements!

Sunday#SundaySetUp  – It all starts with a vision. Every entrepreneurial dream comes true when you put goals into action, and it helps even more when you have accountability partners! Share your biz goals with the Biz B.A.B.E.s for the upcoming week! We are really excited to watch you achieve your dreams so we’ll be back to hold you to your goals!


“Before coming across Aandra on Periscope and joining Biz Babes I was a fence straddler, an on again off again self doubter, and my fear of failure was becoming so much greater than my confidence that it just paralyzed me from moving forward despite having seen success in my business before. Aandra has a way of holding up the mirror and showing you what you could be if you let go of everything and just go for it. In a matter of two days I have made a final decision about the direction I am going to go in as an entrepreneur, set a few big scary goals, and have already mapped out a plan to get there. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for my team! The tough love and empowerment I’m getting from this community is going to help me change so many lives. Thanks BABES!”

Lauren Sutherland

“Before Biz babes I did not realize how important it was to brand myself. I knew to share and not sell but didn’t have the belief in myself and my talents I have to share. The impact is there is a group of people that have or are experiencing the same I am. I love the opportunity to learn from others as well as show someone who maybe newer that they can share their shine! If I ever need a kick in the butt, I can jump on here. I can also inspire others. There is a lot of interACTION in this group. Members are truly willing to help as compared to compete and sell. This group is a must no matter where you are in your business. There are members of all walks of life and different “whys” that can uplift and inspire.”

Dina Douglas Nazario

“Before joining BIZ BABES, I was excited, but extremely nervous about everything I need to learn and do. At 50 years old, I am 100% starting over, with barely enough money for basic needs and 100% on faith that I have a purpose, a mission and I will succeed. I have never marketed (successfully) myself. I do not know the terminology and I am often overwhelmed by perfectionism and too much information. Joining BIZ BABES is helping me to reignite the fire that lives inside, which is often overshadowed by stress and fear; however, there is a big roaring fire in me, it just needed a little air and a little fanning. This group is fanning that flame every day!”

Tammy Coin


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