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We all want to make friends but do we really want to lose them? The relationships you surround yourself with says a lot about you.

This week, we’re diving deep into identifying whether you should stay or go in some of these relationships. Some of them you’ll want to keep, others you’ll want to release.

It took me years to get this one right. I found MYSELF holding onto to relationships that deep down I knew were holding me back. Nostalgia and safety were my excuses. I mean lets face it; we live in a society where its all about the more, more, more and everything is measured quantitatively vs.qualitatively. It’s easy to get lost in that, you know?

Here it is my friends, and what I have learned and share in this weeks video: This is FOREVER a tweetable:

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Check out the exercise I give you to help you identify who should stay or go. Seriously. I did this exercise which resulted in letting go of some relationships which were toxic and no good and saying HELLO to new relationships which were healthy, strong, reciprocal, and supportive.

Post below your thoughts and of course, share away! After all, sharing is caring. BOOM!

To your success!

XoXo  ~AB