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I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the root of performance anxiety in business. A lot. Probably its because I have been experiencing it for the last couple of weeks. Performance anxiety in business is by my definition, when we allow ourselves to freeze up or avoid actually making moves in our business because we have some fear around perception, comparison, and approval.

We can say that we strive for perfection or that perfection is the catalyst to paralysis in our business but it’s not. Its really perception. Its the perception of others that worries us, not if its all pretty and perfect because deep down we know that’s impossible and utter bullshit. Right? But what we can identify with is making sure that our work is perceived well by others. And sometimes, our imagination can trick us into thinking that if our work isn’t setting off fireworks like on the Fourth of July, then we shouldn’t do anything at all. So we don’t. We lock up. We freeze up. The creativity gremlin comes and snatches away all of our juice. Dammit.

The story continues with comparison(itis) where we begin to measure our next blog, our next product, our next offering against what was previously done. Yep. That’s another bugger that will stop us dead in our tracks and move us right into a full-blown performance anxiety attack. Because if we don’t beat our last success then how will people perceive us ( see paragraph above as the cycle then begins again).

At the end of the day, we seek approval. But the approval we truly desire is one that can’t be found in another, but from within ourselves. Yet, we still love seeing the fruits of our labor acknowledged and recognized. Why else would we get all geeked up about viewers, likes ( now loves on FB), high fives, comments, and more?

So now that we’ve come clean about desiring approval, how can we push through performance anxiety?

Since I have a personal intimate relationship with this ( watch my breakup in the video), I can assure you- it CAN BE DONE!

This weeks video breaks down my realizations and my resolve to kick this anxiety to the curb. Period.

I can’t wait to hear your comments and I’m hoping I’m not on the island alone with this. Let me know your thoughts below and any other tips to help us push through the anxiety of “performing” in our biz.

Also, because I study shit like crazy, I found an amazing Huff Post article that will expand on this further which you might want to read as well.