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If you ask around, you’ll hear a resounding “ 2016 was a shitty year” from many. There were deaths, political turmoil, injustices that swept the nation, and personal shit-storms that impacted several of us on the home-front. And that’s just scratching the surface.  It might seem as if 2016 was filled with loss.

However, if you look to Numerological wisdom, 2016 was the end of a 9 year cycle and its number 2+0+1+6 = 9 year which is all about COMPLETION.

What if we looked at all of the shit around us and looked for the SHIFT that all of this is to bring about for us? For us to shift into a new way of thinking, believing, and behaving?

As we approach a New Year, I’m relieved to recognize that we are actually moving into a new 9 year cycle and 2017  from a numerological perspective is a 1 Year ; 2+0+1+7 = 10 which is a 1 and all about NEW BEGINNINGS! WOHOOO!

2017 is all about SHOWING UP for you to say YES to the Universe and becoming a pioneer to this new 9 year adventure.

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In order to to move into this New Year of NEW BEGINNINGS we need to put this year to bed and move beyond patterns, conditioning, and self-sabotaging behaviors so we can begin to plant seeds of intentions, desires, and bring it all into fruition in 2017! 


It’s time to clear and complete this year! Are you ready?


Here are five end of year moves that are easy to make and I’ll be working each one of these in my Biz B.A.B.E.S community  as we break each one down into daily themes so we can support each other as we move into completion.

Remove Clutter


Clutter is literally like a clog in the water pipe… Nothing is going down and nothings is coming up! It literally keeps you stuck in a state of paralysis. Adopt the policy of “ Use It or Lose It!” and go through your house thoroughly and remove all the crap that is taking up negative space and feels like dull energy. Go through your drawers, closet, and junk piles (trust I feel you on this with my hoarder pile ups in random places) and lose it if you aren’t using it.

Tie Up Loose Ends


Literally and metaphorically you’ve got to tie up half-completed jobs around the house. Got tiny uncompleted projects that are stressing you out, hanging over your head, and causing you stress? What about internal decisions you have been half-assing on and wavering in indecision that needs to be brought to completion with a clear yes or no? Relationships hanging in the balance? Take care of that too. Leave NOTHING unfinished or you’ll just bring that energy of stress and turmoil into the New Year cycle.  Essentially this is all about CLOSURE. Take care of it now. 

Take Responsibility


Yep. It’s time to take inventory and ownership of the decisions you’ve made that you aren’t happy about ( GULP! This is a laundry list for me – dammit). Here’s the twist: this is NOT about beating yourself up or damning yourself like I just did two seconds ago. Lol. This is about taking responsibility through the act of:


Acceptance – Accept that these decisions ultimately support your growth and foster deep realizations of commitment of how you really want to show up and operate in your life.


Love – Love yourself wholly and completely. You are a child of this Universe and even though you’ve made decisions, love yourself for the infinite power that has been bestowed upon you to own your decisions, thus the choices you make for your life; however you perceive it.


Decide – Decide what you want to do about what you don’t like. Either decide to do something about it to change it or change the way you feel about deciding to keep it around. Either way – release judgment and guilt around the decisions you are choosing to make.


Trust -Trust yourself that every decision you make ultimately is for your highest and greatest good (even the choice of pain ultimately will take you there). 




This is a biggie.. Forgiveness isn’t about saying what another did to you is right but it releases the hold, the power, and the imprisonment their actions have impacted your life.  ANYONE who has done you ‘wrong’, yourself included… Forgiveness is the key to your FREEDOM. Do not  allow their actions ,yourself included, to carry forward into your future actions. Write a letter to them, or yourself and set yourself FREE. You don’t have to mail it, or you can. The act writing the letter itself is what frees you, sets the intention,  and completes the process of creating space for you to move forward.

Rest/Reflect/ Rejuvenate


I know this is the move you’re going to look forward to the most to bring this year into completion!  This is all about taking a time out, for you. Don’t saddle yourself down with a ton of stuff to do for others or commitments over the next 5 days. Take regular “Me Time” Outs and use it to reflect and be in gratitude for how far you’ve come for yourself, all that you’ve achieved, and how every experience has been for your growth and learning. Book massages, love dates with your friends and family, and totally practice PRESENTNESS so you can be completely present to this nourishing and enriching experience of regeneration.



Active Meditation/ Mindfulness


However you connect to the divinity within you whether it be through active meditations or through sedentary practices, do it. Meditation is simply about being fully present. This is how we strengthen our spiritual connection to prepare us for deepening that connection in the New Year.

There you have it! Five end of year easy moves plus a bonus move to bring 2016 into completion so you can make 2017 Your Year Of YES to showing up and creating powerful new beginnings for your life!

If this article moved you, share it out and drop a comment below on which actions you are ready to take NOW to bring this year into completion! I read and reply to comments! 

Remember, we’ll be working through each of these actions over the next 5 days in my Biz Babes community! Come join us if you haven’t already!


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