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Your desire to grow your business and achieve new heights of success isn’t just knocking or banging – it’s kicking down the door and it won’t be ignored!

The only thing is you feel stuck! You’re afraid you’re not good enough… you worry people won’t like you… and you wonder if you’re even qualified to become known, visible, or stand out in your industry.

I’ll help you no matter if:


You’re still working a bridge job but you’re that person who’s started, then stopped venture after venture and doesn’t quite have the clarity to follow-through;


You’ve been in biz for a while and are starting to make a decent income but you know you’re holding yourself back from stepping into your power and really owning your gifts, or


You’re someone who’s already achieved a lot of entrepreneurial success but you’re ready to mastermind with a seasoned Biz Consultant and Empowerment Coach who can guide you in upleveling yourself and your biz.


I’m Aandra Bohlen Hall-Sharif and as a 6-figure entrepreneur, business consultant and certified empowerment coach, I help seasoned, new, and aspiring business owners cultivate grit, clarify their ideas, and bust limiting beliefs so they can create and maintain the business and life of their dreams.

I spent too many years in a position where I plugged along and performed all my duties (and did a damn good job). That job took over and If a client across the world called at midnight, I knew that I damn well better pick up the phone! I wanted freedom, I wanted options, and I wanted a different life. I had a desire to help people and it seemed that everywhere I turned people were blossoming into entrepreneurs. That was my clue to get in the game.



But I started anyway! I learned how to overcome my own limiting beliefs, clear my mental blocks, and get on the path to alignment. Then I took the plunge, and quit my job to see what entrepreneurship was all about. Heck – I’d seen a coupla bozos do it successfully so why couldn’t I? Eight years later I’m still a full-time entrepreneur and lovin’ every moment.

Over the years I’ve gotten really good at course-correcting and drowning out the voice of doubt (sometimes that ugly little fucker still rears its head).


Each year I outperform the year before and I don’t owe my success to a fancy college degree. Truth is, I dropped out ‘cuz I struggled to merge my learning style with traditional education models. I won’t knock the value of a degree, but college didn’t cultivate my grit, hustle, or problem solving skills. So I created my own “college” experience through the game of life. I took risks, seized opportunities, figured out how to monetize my gift of gab and connection.

I know that your business is not outside you – it’s inside you (waiting to be uncovered).


Maybe you’re just like me (in the beginning of my journey) so you’re struggling to unearth your natural talents. My gifts weren’t that obvious so I had to look deep inside myself and do the work to unleash them.

If you’re ready, I’ll help you cultivate your grit and uncover your gifts!

  • I started my business in 2008 and I’ve been earning a comfortable 6-figure – soon to be 7-figure – income ever since. (Fuck-yeah)!  
  • I teach business courses in entrepreneurship, public speaking, and social media at a prestigious Private College where I’ve helped hundreds of students achieve personal and financial freedom through entrepreneurship.
  • I’m passionate about entrepreneurship. We don’t need more paper-pushing drones, we need engaged and innovative doers like you out there changing the world!


Wanna know a little more about who I am? If you’re still reading, I’m sure we have lots in common!

Wanna know a little more about who I am? I'm sure we have lots in common!

1) I’m obsessed with fresh brewed iced tea.. I don’t leave home without it and I get a large `to-go cup at every restaurant.. For me it’s go big or go home!

2) I’m a Reality TV Junkie -I’ll watch anything! I easily get hooked by a good story. The people, the contestants, or the drama – I love it all!

3) I just became addicted to Solitaire on my phone. I love it, but it’s time to delete that app!

4) My bathtub is my sacred space – I meditate, read, write, post, and relax in the tub! I believe you gotta have your own sacred place.. It’s where the magic happens!

5) I love to read: It doesn’t really matter the genre, I’ll dive into romance, memoirs, self help…as long as it has a compelling story line, I’m hooked.

6) My favorite movie is Beaches, with Bette Midler… It captures everything I love – friendship, family, going after you want, and it even portrays how some of life’s most traumatic moments can unveil the deepest kind of love possible.

7) New Year’s Eve is my favorite Holiday of the year! I love that it symbolizes an opportunity to start anew (even though I believe you can do this daily)…Plus it’s a special day for me! (hint – see #10 below).

8) I’m a damn good recipe follower, but I totally stink when it comes to throwing meals together without any directions.

9) My nickname is “Roo!” I was super hyper as a kid so my parents always said I was like a kangaroo bouncing off the walls. Thankfully, I’ve harnessed all that crazy energy, but the nickname still stands (I’ve come to love it)!

10) I’m a newlywed, yipee! My husband and I met when we were younger, stayed connected throughout our own independent journeys through life..then we said I do on 12-31-2013! (remember, I love New Years!)

Bonus, I've got more! Because, why stop at 10 when I can go the extra mile?

11) Sitting around on my patio, drinking cocktails, and chatting it up with friends.

12) I’m an actor! Ok, well – not really but, I never get tired of learning new things so I enrolled in classes and who knows? Maybe someday you’ll see my name in the bright lights?

13) I don’t have kids but I connect really well with teens and young women! Teaching them how to empower themselves is one of my favorite things to do! I’m working with Girls For Change, a National nonprofit, that has afterschool programs around the world.


It’s now or never. You can either make some major moves, upgrade yourself, and reach the pinnacles of success… or you can stand still, fall flat, and look back in a year and find yourself in the same exact spot you’re in now! It’s up to you!


But if you can’t do the work, we can’t build our relationship. Simple as that. If you’re ready to bust perfectionism right in the balls, and you wanna monetize your passion do it now.


The entrepreneurial journey can feel freakin’ lonely at times… That’s why I created a community filled with people just like you! We’re busy gettin’ GRITTY, creating our dream lifestyle, and having a helluva good time doin’ it!

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