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*/grit/: “Mental toughness to persevere; passion for long-term goals. Firmness of character; indomitable spirit

It’s time to kick fear to the curb, let go of overwhelm, and embrace your identity as a budding entrepreneur with grit.

I know you’re ready to silence the gremlins of doubt in your ear, defeat your personal resistance, and crush your mental blocks so you can start to truly rock it in your biz!


Each time you wanna uplevel in your biz you start… then you stop… then you start.. and you stop!

As entrepreneurs, we all get tripped up in these cycles.

It’s because you have bigger dreams for yourself and your business.  

You light up with tons of brilliant ideas about how to take it to the next level, then just when you’re on the cusp of greatness, you find yourself spinning.

Suddenly you’re spending too much time online doing research, watching webinars, reading blogs, and hiding out by taking courses you don’t even need! Before you know it, your project has stalled, another new idea has come along, and you’re almost ready to give up on yet another really promising business venture.

I’m Aandra Bohlen Hall-Sharif, a Business Consultant and Certified Empowerment Coach with a 6-figure (soon-to-be 7-figures) business.

No matter if you’re a new or seasoned entrepreneur, I can show you how to choose yourself, bust through fear, and re-awaken your dreams so you can take your confidence to the next level! I’ll also support you as you clarify your ideas, set your boundaries, and propel forward in your business.

I’ve had my own 6-figure business for 8 years now and I use what I’ve learned to help new and aspiring entrepreneurs get crystal clear on their business through one-to-one coaching as well as my signature courses GUTS (Gearing Up To Succeed) and BOOM (Business Onboarding & Online Mentoring).

Listen here. I’m a no nonsense Biz Consultant and Empowerment Coach who’s not afraid to ask tough questions so you can go deep (fast), increase your self awareness, and uncover your truth. If you’re willing to show up for yourself and your biz, I can help you! Whether you’re:

  • a budding entrepreneur who sees inspiration all around, has purchased a crap-load of programs (yup – you’re a closet course junkie), but hasn’t yet taken an idea to fruition,
  • a nine to fiver who’s ready to step out of the office, figure out which one of your passions to zone-in on, and finally start making money and growing your own business, or
  • a seasoned entrepreneur who’s ready to upgrade, become the go-to name in your industry, and finally start commanding the rates you’ve always dreamt of.

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If you’re ready to bust through your own glass ceiling, but you’re a tiny bit afraid to take the next big steps, then join me!

We’ll boost your confidence and clear your mindset, so you’ll have what it takes to rock it like a boss in your online business. #BOOM